Advertising Solutions

The Emprise Group runs a dynamic and innovative advertising and media solutions network to deliver integrated campaigns that run across our own print and digital channels as well as partners owned assets, 3rd party media and performance networks.

The print media brands operated by Emprise have been driven by quality and independent content production. This focus on positioning our brands as the authority has allowed us to build environments that support the advertising needs of our partners by engaging the readers and helping them on their buying journey(s).

Through our network of brands Emprise produces over 50,000 magazines a month and directly engaged with over 450,000 unique browsers per Month, all with specific interests in domestic and adventure touring.

With the development and roll-out of HEMA-X and our new classified sites (TradeRVs and Trade-a-Boat), the Emprise digital presence also provides these users a unique user experience and advertisers creative solutions including audience extensions and remarketing to re-target off the Emprise network.

The distribution of our rich content via social and email channels provides a further extension of reach as we deliver in excess of  200,000 monthly EDMs which provide a direct access point for brand / product messaging. 

As an advertiser we will also provide regular updates on performance and recommendations, as well as detailed reporting on campaigns.

To find out more about an advertising solution from Emprise - contact: