The people of Emprise

An Inspiring and talented team of professionals 

As a market leading business, the Emprise team builds its success off the back of its people. Our leaders are encouraged to foster their key teams to think outside the box and deliver amazing content-led solutions be it for a bespoke client solution or one of our own market leading brands.

Our business operates across a number of markets and delivers an array of products and services. And to many how do you put a mapping company together with a publishing company? Well simply put - you put content at the heart of everything you do.

The team has embraced the concept of producing the best content (be it a map, a magazine article, a video or a brochure design) and delivering to the market in the best fashion possible. This buy-in to the vision is reflected in the way the business is structured and the way we engage with the market.

The divisions within the Emprise business are:

  • Mapping & GIS - makers of Australia’s best map, GIS analysts delivering integrated road networks and a field work team charged with mapping every corner of our rugged landscape

  • Content - every month our content team are publishers of a number of magazines and books, writers of 100s of rich content articles, production of high quality and inspiring video and photography shoots and design high quality media and market outputs to frame our messages. 

  • Sales & Marketing -  with over 100,000 active members, 5,000+ retail clients and hundreds of corporate partners to service, our sales and marketing team are focused on delivering value across the diverse spectrum of our client base. Our team is committed to a partnership approach which ensures sustainable, long term relationships. 

  • Operations - the operations team is the support function of the business ensuring the delivery and management of key projects and day-to-day activities are managed to a high standard. From customer service to managing our retail distribution through to our internal finance function, the operations team has a broad remit to deliver solutions for the entire Emprise business. 

The Emprise team is made up of over 50 talented individuals, who when not travelling remote parts of Australia, reside in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.