GPS & Data

The ability for consumers and clients to access the market leading Hema Map as a navigational tool is a fundamental part of the Emprise business. 

In the GPS & Data pillar, Emprise operates a number of product streams to distribute our geo-spatial content in an array of forms, from raw data licencing though to an interactive rich, topographic digital map experience (refer to our Vector Map below). 

The Emprise GPS & Data products include:

  • GPS Navigation Devices (Current model HX-1)
  • Geo-spatial Data licencing
  • Vector Map distribution
  • Raster Map distribution
  • GPS Accessories

Emprise also distributes our maps into a range of market leading navigation devices:

  • Garmin navigators
  • Alpine In-Dash units

Working with our data partners and technology partners, the Emprise business is expanding our capability in the digital mapping space to become a premium provider of map content in regional Australia for business, government and emergency services applications.