Our Vision

Our vision: to be the #1 guiding partner for Adventures

The merger of Hema Maps and Adventures Group created a new business focused on delivering value to our consumers and guiding our partners to success. 

With clear roots in mapping and quality content production, our mission “to be the #1 guiding partner for adventures” encapsulates all the things we want to be known for in the market.

Emprise will:

  • Deliver value to our clients through innovative products and solutions

  • Empower consumers to explore and uncover regional Australia

  • Inspire people to experience the outdoor / adventure lifestyle

  • Create quality products with strong market appeal

  • Connect industry players for meaningful collaboration

  • Help grow the markets we operate in and the businesses within them

  • Challenge the status quo and strive for better

Our team has been built to deliver on our vision and we value the talents and experiences of our people to help deliver against our plan. Our expectations are high, and we expect to deliver great things - we look forward to sharing the journey with you.