Print - Books, Maps and Retail

The Emprise Print pillar has been in operation for 30 years and has been built off the production of relevant, accurate and market leading products for consumers focused on the regional travel, 4WD adventure and camping segments. 

Within our print portfolio we distribute hundreds of printed products to over 2,000 retail outlets in Australia plus distributions in New Zealand, Europe and the US. Our products include:

  • Hema Maps Atlases and Guides
  • Hema Iconic Regional Maps
  • Hema Australia Map Series
  • Hema State Maps
  • Hema Regional Destination Maps
  • Hema Go To Guide Series
  • International Maps
  • Custom Print Products 

Along with our own products, Emprise also has the rights to distribute a number of other print brands including:

  • Camps Australia Wide (and Caravan Parks)
  • Spatial Vision
  • Rooftop Maps

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