Our Brands

The Emprise Group business prides itself on the quality and positioning of its brands within the markets that we operate. As a content and marketing business, we understand the power of brands and the need to nurture them and deliver on their brand promise. 

Within our portfolio, we own, manage or represent a number of market leading brands including:

  1. Hema Maps
  2. Caravan World
  3. Camper Australia
  4. Trade-A-Boat
  5. Outdoor 
  6. TradeRVs
  7. The Wanderer
  8. Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show Guide
  9. Camps Australia Wide
  10. Garmin

Each of the brands represented by Emprise are consumer focused brands connecting consumers through product or content to help enhance their adventure. Be it navigation tools, inspiring content or rich data - the brands all have their own unique identity allowing them to connect deeply with their target consumers. 

As a content agency, we  leverage the experience of our own brand marketing and specialist subject matter expertise to assist businesses create more functional strategies that deliver strong audience engagement and tangible business results.