Emprise Group — 6 March 2020
Amplify Life

The audience of Outdoor are active, adventurous and keen to learn. They have a hands-on approach to their lifestyle and Outdoor is where they go for advice, information and inspiration. The readership is split between urban and rural, if affluent, well travelled and well - educated, and highly receptive to quality produces and services. 

The Outdoor reader participates regularly in a number of outdoor recreational pursuits, with high levels of cross-over between hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and climbing. Outdoor’s audience are passionate about the environment and look to Outdoor for adventure destinations and experiences with a difference. 

  • Is always thinking about, talking about or planning the next epic adventure

  • Insatiable appetite for learning about new equipment, imperative to have the latest, greatest, strongest and lightest gear

  • Quality much more important than a price tag

  • Passionate about environmental conservation and product sustainability

  • Values honesty and integrity

  • Owns a pair of reef sandals, two pairs of runners, three different pairs of hiking boots and 20+ pairs of warm wooly socks

  • Fit and healthy; wants to be prepared for adventure at the drop of a hat. Keen to be in right shape to cope with typical challenges presented by variable outdoor conditions