Emprise News - December 2021

Emprise Group — 7 December 2021

Well, three months on and life feels back to normal for those of us emerging from the latest set of lockdowns. I would like to take a moment to congratulate all those businesses who have been able to navigate their way through the past 18 months, to not only survive, but to thrive. Well done!

When I consider some of the macro factors which have faced our respective businesses and industries, it is quite remarkable the underlying strength of our category. We have seen major production challenges, supply chain interruption, component shortages, skills shortages and rapidly increasing input costs, let alone the lockdowns and border restrictions which have throttled domestic travel. Pleasingly, and in spite of all those factors, our businesses have seen some positive trading performance over the period as the team reconnected with one another and engaged deeply with our market(s).

For Emprise, the past year or so hasn't been without its challenges, but as with many other businesses, we took the opportunity to refocus the business units and centre on the core value proposition of each business. This has seen us deliver some fantastic initiatives over the past few months, credit which must go to our team who have worked tirelessly in bringing them to market. 

 In saying that, there have been challenges in empowering the team to connect with each other, let alone the critical connections needed with customers, clients and suppliers while working remotely. I stumbled upon this video from Simon Sinek recently exploring the value of Performance vs Trust which resonated strongly with me, in particular as we enter the new paradigm of remote work. Trust is such a critical element in the way we work with our teams, partner with our clients or deliver products for customers, and will ultimately drive performance. I encourage you to watch the piece here and would love to hear your thoughts. 

To more practical matters, Hema Maps has seen a surge in demand for the new Hema HX-2 navigator as well as the related accessories, including reversing camera, windscreen mount and sun visor. The HX-2 is the first major product launch from the HemaX Digital team who are working on a number of products for launch in 2022 as well as some major product releases for the Hema Maps ecosystem. 

The Adventures team has recently delivered a number of client marketing programs and have just finished our first major content trip for the year, Camper's Outback Pub Experience trip around outback NSW. We are also launching the events calendar for 2022, headlined by Caravan of the Year (COTY), Camper Trailer of the Year (CTOTY) and Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (SCIBS). :

As we enter the final straight for 2021, we hope to catch up with as many of you as possible between now and the xmas break. Thanks for all your support and we look forward to more adventures in 2022.

Best regards,



Rob Gallagher

Emprise Group CEO


 Formerly Best Aussie Vans, Caravan of the Year is back for 2022 to showcase some of the best and most innovative caravans for Australia consumers. John Ford and his team will spend a week in Nagambie in late January testing and judging the best vans from leading manufacturers. The event will give businesses the chance to network at the COTY functions plus present their products to consumers at the public showcase day planned for Mitchelton Winery.  

Click here to download the COTY flyer


After a record-breaking event in 2021 (despite some heavy rain in Port Macquarie), CTOTY is back again for 2022 this time back in Queensland at [insert details]. The new judging format was well received by participants of the new venue for 2022 will provide a contrast to last year's beach driving as we enter shrub, dusty roads and rocky outcrops in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Click here to download the CTOTY flyer


Supported by Hema Maps, Camper Australia is on the hunt for the best built 4X4s in the country. A new initiative, the 4x4 Fit Out of the Year seeks to present the finest work of our after-market 4x4 stores as they kit up new and old 4WD rigs. 

More goes into a 4X4 build than just picking the colour of your front bar or how many lights you really need. There is a skill in knowing what’s going to work and how a custom rig comes together and who knows that best? The people that build them. 

Click here to download the 4x4 FOOTY flyer


Following the success of the 2021 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, the team at Mulpha Events have again partnered with Trade a Boat to produce the SCIBS Yearbook. The SCIBS Yearbook provides a tangible engagement piece for the attendees at the show.

Get in touch with the Adventures team to book your spot in the book plus the team is also working with exhibitors to maximise their presence at SCIBs via bespoke content and digital marketing extensions to help drive visitation and qualify leads pre-show. 

Click here to download the SCIBS flyer


As soon as lockdown ended, Glenn Marshall and the team from CAMPER Australia took off for outback NSW in search of... a pub... well the great Australian outback pub experience. Filming over a week in some of the NSW's most remote towns, the participants enjoyed an amazing set of experiences while capturing some amazing content at the same time. 

Click here to check out some of the amazing shots from the trip